Your Honor is a suspenseful crime drama that aired on December 6, 2020 on Showtime. It gained very high viewer ratings in a short time with Bryan Cranston’s amazing performance through whole series and the series finale aired on February 14, 2021. Even though planned as a limited series, after strong viewership ratings show was renewed for a second season as Variety learned. 

What is Your Honor About?

Based on the Israeli TV series “Kyodo”, Your Honor is a crime drama series starring Bryan Cranston. Your Honor series, which was released on Showtime on December 6, 2020, tells how Michael Desiato‘s life changes due to bam and scram his son caused. 

The lead actor of the series, Bryan Cranston, became known for his entertaining performance in Malcolm in the Middle. He won 3 Emmys and 1 Golden Globe for his role as Walter White in the series Breaking Bad and was nominated for his first Oscar for his perfect acting in the movie Trumbo. The successful actor also gives a very impressive and unforgettable performance in this drama crime series.

Your Honor

Showtime // Season 3
Bryan Cranston stars as a New Orleans judge who is forced to confront his own deepest convictions when his son is ...

In the series, Desiato, who lost his wife suddenly, had to raise his son as a single parent. Adam (Hunter Doohan) hits a young man on a motorcycle with his car. The young man dies in the middle of the street. The deceased teenager is Rocco Baxter (Benjamin Wadsworth), the son of New Orleans’ most dangerous and most brutal crime family. 

Adam‘s father, Desiato, is involved in many illegal ways to cover up what happened and to hide that his son committed the crime. He goes a bit far to protect his son and there is nothing left behind from his former respectable judge.

The plot of the series also successfully shows us the injustices and contradictions in real life. In one character of the story, there is a father who is respected in society and strong with his position, victim and thoughtful, while another character is a ruthless father who gets his strength from dirty work. 

But there is only one thing common between two fathers: “grief”. The more a ruthless father goes to harm his son’s murderer, the more a respectable judge father goes to protect his son. 

On the other hand, we are watching the black youth’s effort to acquit himself. Let’s look at the cast and characters of the series. Also, some special guest stars are joining the first season of the series.

Your Honor Cast and Characters

There are many star actors in the cast of the series.

Michael Desiato played by Bryan Cranston

He is a New Orleans judge trying to protect his son. Adam Diesto is Michael’s son, who got involved in a hit-and-run affair and killed the son of the organized crime family.

Gina Baxter played by Hope Davis

She is the wife of the city’s mob boss, and she’s even crueler than her husband. Michael Stuhlbarg, who previously played a similar role in Boardwalk Empire, is the father of murdered 17-year-old young Rocco Baxter as Jimmy Baxter and the city mafia.

Frannie Latimer played by Sofia Black D’Elia 

Frannie is Adam’s teacher and his forbidden love.

Charlie Figaro played by Isiah Whitlock Jr.

Charlie is Michael’s best friend and politician with bears on organized crime.

Lorraine Toussaint as Judge Sara LeBlanc 

Sara LeBlanc is the presiding judge at the courthouse where Michael works.

Maura Tierney as Fiona McKee

Fiona McKee is the prosecutor at the courthouse.

Margo Martindale plays Elizabeth Guthrie

Elizabeth Guthrie is a senator who is also Michael’s mother-in-law.


Your Honor First Season Recap

Spoiler alert! This section contains spoilers about the first season.

In the first season of the series, Adam suffers an asthma attack while running away from the men after him and accidentally hits Rocco Baxter. Panicked, Adam abandons bleeding young Baxter at the crime scene. 

When his respected judge’s father Michael finds out about the incidents, he is out at the heels and wants to go to the police together and turn himself in first. When they go to the police station, Michael panics when he sees the Baxters, the most dangerous mafia family in the city, inside and leaves without saying anything. Thus, not only the freedom of Adam but also his life will be endangered.

The father, who undertakes to protect his son Adam from a dangerous mafia family, his first job is to get rid of the evidence. Michael asks his friend Charlie for help. He tells him to get rid of the car that Adam was hit by. He gives the car to Kofi Jones (Lamar Johnson). 

Michael reports that his car was stolen, and Kofi is caught with the car. Kofi is charged with murder because a part found on the motorcycle matches the car that Kofi “allegedly” stole. Michael, who is deeply upset, asks his friend Lee to help him represent Kofi.

Lee learns that Kofi, who is black, is being tortured by the police. Lee arranges for Kofi to be tried without charge due to lack of evidence, but the night before he is released, Carlo Baxter (Jimi Stanton) settles into Kofi’s cell. Kofi is killed by Carlo in his cell. 

Mother Baxter is unable to control one’s anger and tells Jimmy that’s not enough. They then blow up Kofi‘s house. Michael is blackmailed by an anonymous person claiming to know everything. Gina and Jimmy get some clues about Adam and discover that Michael is covering up some pieces of evidence. 

Jimmy sneaks into Michael’s house and realizes that Kofi is not the person behind Rokko’s death. After threatening Michael, Michael tells Jimmy that he will help Carlo get released. 

Meanwhile, Lee finds out that Adam, not Kofi, hit Rocco and ran away. Carlo confesses that he killed Kofi in self-defense. After Carlo is freed, Eugene kills Adam while trying to kill Carlo.

The first season of the series ends up with Eugene missing the shot and killing Adam instead of Carlo. 

Bryan Cranston, who directed the final episode, had a very successful and impressive finale. The episode, which was most liked by the fans, was also the final episode. The series was highly rated, receiving 7.6/10 votes from IMBD.

Your Honor

Showtime // Season 3
Bryan Cranston stars as a New Orleans judge who is forced to confront his own deepest convictions when his son is ...


Season 2 Expectations

The series, which captivated fans with its acting and editing, received its approval for the second season in August 2021. Fans, who are counting down for the second season, are eagerly awaiting the release date.

The second season is expected to release in 2022, although there is no clear date for the 2nd season. Unfortunately, there is no information about the plot of Season 2 of the series, but there is no doubt that it will make fans happy! 

The series currently consists of 10 episodes in total, each lasting approximately 50 minutes. You can also access the series broadcast on the Showtime channel on Hulu and Amazon Prime. 

This crime thriller deals with life’s many challenges and contrasts with excellent acting and thriller music. We hope the second season airs soon and they have an excellent season like the first one.