A new year, new beginnings. Well, it is nearly the same in the TV and Streaming world. January brings many new shows along with the long-awaited fan favorites many were delayed by the strike. In this guide, you can find a complete list of shows coming to your screens on the following days. But first, let’s have a look at our January highlights.

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January 2024 Show Highlights

January brings many new series to the table, but we are more hyped on Disney+ Echo and Prime Video’s Hazbin Hotel. HBO’s True Detective returns with more mystery, while Disney+ gives parents a beautiful New Year’s present with new episodes of Bluey. Check out the show details pages to get more information, and scroll further to see a list of all shows (and possibly documentaries) coming in January.

True Detective

HBO • Season 4

Seasonal anthology series in which police investigations unearth the personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within and outside the law.

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Netflix • New Series

GRISELDA is inspired by the life of the savvy and ambitious Griselda Blanco, who created one of the most profitable cartels in history. In 1970s-80s Miami, Blanco's lethal blend of unsuspected savagery and charm helped her expertly navigate between business and family, leading her to become widely known as "the Godmother."

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The Woman in the Wall centers on Lorna Brady (Wilson), a woman from the small, fictional Irish town of Kilkinure, who wakes one morning to find a corpse in her house. Chillingly, Lorna has no idea who the dead woman is or if she, herself, might be responsible for the apparent murder. That's because Lorna has long suffered from extreme bouts of sleepwalking ever since she was ripped from her life at the age of 15 and incarcerated in The Kilkinure Convent, a (fictional) home to one of Ireland's infamous Magdalene Laundries for women. There, Lorna gave birth to her daughter Agnes, who cruelly was taken from her and whose fate Lorna never knew.

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Disney+ • Season 4

An overenthusiastic and imaginative Blue Heeler puppy, Bluey, goes on adventures with her younger sister, Bingo, which unfolds in hilarious ways. The slice-of-life adventures of an Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog puppy as she has fun with her family and friends in everyday situations. The adventures of a Blue Heeler puppy, Bluey, who lives with her mother, father and sister; her energy and lovable spirit gets her into all kinds of funny and unpredictable situations.

James Herriot’s adventures as a veterinarian in 1930s Yorkshire get a glorious new adaptation in All Creatures Great and Small, a seven-part series based on his beloved books.

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Masters of the Air

Apple TV+ • New Series

Five miles above the ground and behind enemy lines, eleven men inside a bomber known as a "Flying Fortress" battle unrelenting flocks of German fighters.

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Hazbin Hotel

Prime Video • New Series

Hazbin Hotel follows Charlie, the princess of Hell, as she pursues her seemingly impossible goal of rehabilitating demons to peacefully reduce overpopulation in her kingdom. After a yearly extermination imposed by angels, she opens a hotel in the hopes that patrons will be "checking out" into Heaven. While most of Hell mocks her goal, her devoted partner Vaggie, and their first test subject, adult-film star Angel Dust, stick by her side. When a powerful entity known as the "Radio Demon" reaches out to assist Charlie in her endeavors, her crazy dream is given a chance to become a reality.

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Everything Coming to TV & Streaming in January 2024

Discover the comeback dates for beloved TV shows and the highly anticipated release dates for all series in the comprehensive list provided below.

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