John Corbett
Played by Stephen Graham

John Corbett is the ruthlessly ambitious leader of an Organised Crime Group (OCG). His willingness to go to extreme lengths draws attention from the highest levels of the organisation.

Following the ambush of a police convoy, Corbett needs Lisa to help recruit corrupt officers to pull off his most audacious heist yet, but doubts whether she can be trusted.

Steve Arnott
Played by Martin Compston.

Now considered one of AC-12’s leading investigators, Steve is hoping to get promoted.

Kate Fleming
Played by Vicky McClure.

Kate is AC-12’s undercover specialist. She prides herself on being the consummate professional, unmoved by emotional considerations. In series 4, Kate goes undercover again.

Lisa McQueen
Played by Rochenda Sandall

Lisa claims to have been recruited by the OCG (Organised Crime Group) as a teenager to deal drugs along County Lines. As such, she knows more about the workings of the OCG than anyone.

She’s initially intimidated by Corbett’s cold-blooded determination, but soon sees a potential ally in advancing her career.

Ted Hastings
Played by Adrian Dunbar.

Hastings remains the ethically upstanding senior investigating officer. In the previous series, Superintendent Ted Hastings personally recruited Steve Arnott to AC-12. Zealous and suspicious, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Nigel Morton
Played by Neil Morrissey.

Detective Constable Nigel Morton is Gates’ closest colleague.

Disabled by a leg injury, Morton had resigned himself to desk duties until Gates brought him into TO-20.

Outwardly a run-of-the-mill copper who likes to keep his head down, Morton’s deep loyalty towards Gates is capable of turning him into a much darker and more dangerous figure…

Danny Waldron
Played by Daniel Mays

Danny is a member of an armed response unit and is the new protagonist of the show. He is a very complex character. On the surface, he’s incredibly driven and ambitious, great at his job and rules his team with an iron fist.

There are many different layers to him and he’s got a lot of issues that he’s dealing with. In episode one, he’s put under investigation, and as the story unfolds we realise the inner workings of his character and what is motivating him to do these dangerous and unpredictable things.

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