The longest-running TV shows of all time at USA.

1. “Guiding Light”, Channel CBS (57 years), Its final episode aired in 2009.

2. “General Hospital”, Channel ABC (56 years), The medical soap opera started back in 1963 and is still going strong.

3. “As the World Turns”, Channel CBS (54 years), It was on from 1956 until 2010.

4. “Days of Our Lives”, Channel NBC (54 years), more than 13,000 episodes having aired, the show has featured a lot of drama.

5. “Sesame Street”, Channel HBO (50 years), New puppets are added often.

6. “The Price is Right”, Channel CBS (47 years)

7. “The Young and the Restless”, Howard Wise/JPI Studios (45 years), The cast has undergone significant changes since first starting in 1973. The drama is still pushing forward.

8. “One Life to Live” Channel ABC(44 years), its final episode in 2012, after starting back in 1968. The Online Network tried to continue it in 2013, but it was quickly canceled.

9.”Saturday Night Live”, Channel NBC (44 years), NBC’s sketch comedy show has been helping launch comedians’ careers since 1975. A rotating cast and new guest hosts each week, the show can still be fresh in its 43rd season.

10. “All My Children”, Channel ABC (41 years), Aired over 10,000 episodes from 1970 until its cancellation in 2011. The Online Network tried to revive it in 2013, but production was suspended after 40 episodes.

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