Season 7

Average rating is 9.2/10 for Season 7. Details are given belows.

Dragonstone S7, Ep1
Date 16 Jul. 2017
Rate 8.7
Jon organizes the North’s defenses. Cersei tries to even the odds. Daenerys comes home. Arya reminds the Freys “the North remembers.” Sam adapts to life in Oldtown. The Night King makes his way south.

Stormborn S7, Ep2
Date 23 Jul. 2017
Rate 9.0
Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces resistance. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros. Cersei gathers her allies. Arya has a reunion with old friends. Sam risks his career and life.

The Queen’s Justice S7, Ep3
Date 30 Jul. 2017
Rate 9.3
Jon and Daenerys finally meet. Cersei gains a new ally. Sansa receives an unexpected visitor. Sam is confronted for his actions.

The Spoils of War S7, Ep4
Date 6 Aug. 2017
Rate 9.8
Daenerys takes matters into her own hands. Arya reaches her destination. Jaime and Bronn collect the spoils from the war with the Tyrells.

Eastwatch S7, Ep5
Date 13 Aug. 2017
Rate 8.9
Daenerys demands loyalty from the surviving Lannister soldiers; Jon heeds Bran’s warning about White Walkers on the move; Cersei vows to vanquish anyone or anything that stands in her way.

Beyond the Wall S7, Ep6
Date 20 Aug. 2017
Rate 9.1
Jon and his team go beyond the wall to capture a wight. Daenerys has to make a tough decision.

The Dragon and the Wolf S7, Ep7
Date 27 Aug. 2017
Rate 9.5
Everyone meets in King’s Landing to discuss the fate of the realm. In Winterfell, Sansa confronts Arya. Sam reaches Winterfell, where he and Bran discover a shocking secret about Jon Snow.

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