Discovery+ follows Egypt’s biggest excavation in 100 years in the mysterious Valley of Kings. Valley of the Kings was a great burial ground for the Pharaohs. Egypt’s most powerful Pharaohs were all buried at this site in beautifully-crafted, treasure-filled tombs including Tutankhamun or ‘King Tut,’ Ramses II and Hatshepsut. But what lies beyond the ridge in the rugged Western Valley?

Most visitors to Egypt will visit the famous Valley of the Kings, a site that has produced more than 60 tombs, including the untouched, treasure filled tomb of the Boy King, Tutankhamun. But the Valley of the Kings is actually two separate branches, East and West. Despite more than 200 years of excavation in this area, the Western Valley of the Kings has remained mostly forgotten… until now.

In the biggest Egyptian excavation ever attempted, a team of archaeologists, led by world-renowned Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, are going into the Western Valley of the Kings to uncover a new chapter in Ancient Egypt’s most fascinating story.

This isn’t the first incredible Egyptian mystery explored by Discovery. In April 2019, Discovery followed Dr. Hawass and his team as they uncovered a 2,500-year-old mummy of a high priest for the first time ever on live television. The Discovery special, EXPEDITION UNKNOWN: EGYPT LIVE, also revealed two other mummies and various ancient antiquities, including a mysterious wax head.

This latest excavation will not be an easy job. The team will need to move hundreds of tons of rocks. But will they be able to peel back enough layers? What they uncover at this site could forever change history. Dr. Hawass and his team believe this massive ravine hides a treasure trove of lost evidence of the royal family of Tutankhamun. But its inhospitable terrain and vast size mean it has lain barely explored for 3,000 years.

VALLEY OF THE KINGS: THE LOST TOMBS is produced by Blink Films for Discovery. Justine Kershaw is Executive Producer for Blink. Caterina Turroni served as Producer/Director. Neil Laird is Executive Producer for Discovery.

‘Valley of the Kings: The Lost Tombs’, a 2-hour special, Streams Monday, March 1 on discovery+


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