Every homicide investigation begins at the crime scene and ends in the courtroom. In this gripping special TRUE CONVICTION: SCENE OF THE CRIME viewers get a firsthand look as the two sides of the justice system join forces to re-examine some of the most bewildering cases that have baffled even seasoned detectives. Join two of true crime’s most dynamic women, prosecuting powerhouse Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi (True Conviction) and former C.S.I and seasoned forensic expert Alina Burroughs (Crime Scene Confidential), as they revisit some of True Conviction’s most harrowing cases: the unspeakably horrific murder of a beloved elderly couple and their killer’s chilling confession, the gruesome death of a horse trainer initially ruled a suicide, and the twisted case of a Wisconsin murder suspect who almost went free but was ultimately brought to justice by the forensic evidence and the determination of the lead investigator.

True Conviction

ID // Season 6
True Conviction explores the real-life stories of how homicides are solved on the street and won in the courtroom. Host ...

Over the course of the hour, viewers can watch as Nicolazzi and Burroughs discuss these tragic cases, break down the evidence, and dig deeper into the case files. The duo reveals the chilling motives and revelations from the convicted killers, and uncover some truly shocking insights that may not have been considered before. Together, Nicolazzi and Burroughs prove that the tenacity of detectives, crime scene investigators and prosecutors, compounded with forensic evidence, is what ultimately brings justice to unspeakably tragic crimes. TRUE CONVICTION: SCENE OF THE CRIME premieres Tuesday, March 29 at 9/8c on ID.