Freedom doesn’t come easy, even on vacation. In RETURN TO AMISH, premiering with a brand new season on Tuesday, March 14 at 10pm ET/PT on TLC, a group of Amish and former Amish grapple with living in a world outside of their closed communities to figure out where they truly belong.

This season, the group heads to Florida, where new Amish cast members take a deep dive into the unknown as they leave their restrictive settlements in search of their hopes and dreams. Kenneth wishes to be the first Amish player to make a Division 1 college basketball team; Daniel wants to find a wife from the non-Amish world; and Fannie will be seeking answers for who she truly is rather than who she’s told to be. Meanwhile, Rosana, Ada, Maureen, Sabrina, Jethro, Jeremiah and Carmela face new challenges and struggles as they continue to navigate their lives among the old-order Amish and non-Amish worlds. However, things do not go as planned as unrestricted freedom proves to be terrifying and anxiety-inducing, causing some to face lifelong consequences.

Return to Amish

TLC // Season 7
Many former Amish live their new lives as English people.

Upcoming episodes:

SEASON PREMIERE: “Karma Carmela Chameleon” – Premieres Tuesday, March 14 at 10pm ET/PT

While Ada hopes Maureen will join her in Florida, Jeremiah and Carmela get away from the stress of baby making. Rosanna must choose between her Amish boyfriend or the non-Amish life, and Jethro has left Sabrina while she is pregnant with their third child.

Episode 2: “Daniel, My Brother” – Premieres Tuesday, March 21 at 10pm ET/PT

Johnny panics when he goes to a nightclub for the first time. Jeremiah and Carmela help Sabrina with a medical scare. Daniel makes a date with a non-Amish girl, and Kenneth arrives in Florida to pursue his dreams of playing basketball.

Episode 3: “Fannie, Are You OK?” – Premieres Tuesday, March 28 at 10pm ET/PT

Jethro comes back to make amends with Sabrina, and Kenneth tests his basketball skills against elite players. Rosanna’s older brother is shocked to find out that she shares a bed with Johnny. Facing being shunned, Fannie flees to Florida only to be dropped in the middle of more drama.

Episode 4: “Come On, Maureen” – Premieres Tuesday, April 4 at 10pm ET/PT

Rosanna’s brother, Ray, unleashes his fury at Ada, accusing her of eroding the Amish values in the house. Jeremiah invites Dennis to Florida to apologize, and Fannie has a traumatic experience at the beach. Maureen confides a secret to Sabrina. Johnny becomes angry when Rosanna models a bikini in public.

Episode 5: “Meet You All The Way, Rosanna Rosanna” – Premieres Tuesday, April 11 at 10pm ET/PT

Johnny begins to give Rosanna ultimatums while she desperately tries to persuade him to stay in the non-Amish world. Kenneth faces the harsh reality that his Amish basketball training may not be enough to further his dream. Ada finds romance in the most unlikely of places. Maureen makes a shocking decision to leave Florida. Ray and Daniel make a bet on who can kiss the most women, leaving Fannie in tears.

**Additional Episodes TBA**

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