We all know what it’s like to have a bad hair day, and for those suffering from severe hair conditions, the pain, frustration and angst is real.

In the latest addition to TLC’s roster of transformational medical series, BAD HAIR DAY will feature esteemed dermatologists Dr. Isha Lopez and Dr. Meena Singh, as well as expert hair restoration surgeon Dr. Angie Phipps. These three female doctors specializing in hair-related medical disorders are on a mission to help patients that have been suffering for years.

“Dr. Lopez, Dr. Phipps and Dr. Singh are first in class medical professionals and their ability to turn patients’ lives around is truly inspiring,” said Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals.

“Home to a wide-variety of emotional, heartwarming stories of personal transformation, these doctors are an outstanding addition to our programming line-up on TLC.”

Bad Hair Day, a six episode series premiering on Wednesday, August 24th at 10PM ET/PT.

Dr. Angie Phipps works her hair magic in Raleigh, NC with a down-home bedside manner that puts her patients at ease. People travel across the country to have her perform transformative procedures to restore hair due to third-degree burns, male-pattern baldness and the unusual hair-pulling disorder, trichotillomania.

Renowned Houston dermatologist Dr. Isha Lopez sees patients in need of follicular fixes including a woman who is self-conscious about her psoriasis, a man who uses his hair to hide a large growth on his head, and a couple who believes that one of them suffers from “smelly hair syndrome.”

In Kansas City, Harvard Medical school grad Dr. Meena Singh enthusiastically dedicates her life to her patients. Dr. Singh faces all manner of troubled tresses on a daily basis and breaks out her laser or surgical tools to address conditions such as excessive hair growth, traction alopecia and embarrassing hair loss.

With a host of hair tricks up their sleeves, this sisterhood of physicians has the expertise to help those in their care leave their bad hair days behind for good.

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BAD HAIR DAY is produced by Crazy Legs Productions for TLC.

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