Supermarket Stakeout Season 5

Was Supermarket Stakeout cancelled or renewed for season 5? When does it start on Food Network? Now that season 4 is over, fans are wondering if the show will continue for another season or not. In this post, we have summarized everything we know so far about the next season.

What Is Supermarket Stakeout About?

Alex Guarnaschelli hosts as four chefs square off in a competitive pop-up kitchen outside a grocery store. Assigned a theme for each round, the chefs must size up shoppers and attempt to negotiate for their grocery bags.

Hosted by Food Network staple, Alex Guarnaschelli, each hour-long episode presents viewers with outdoor cooking battles where anything can happen, as four talented chefs persuade unsuspecting customers to sell their groceries as they attempt to turn the ingredients into themed culinary delights. A rotating panel of judges ultimately determines which competitor made the most successful menu over three rounds and is awarded a year’s worth of groceries.

In each episode, the four chefs face off in a state-of-the-art, pop-up kitchen outside a grocery store, with the competitors given a budget of $500 to use through three rounds. In the first stakeout heat, the chefs must negotiate with shoppers for their grocery bags, sight unseen, as they are challenged to create a themed meal for the judges. In the second heat, the three remaining chefs use the leftover money from their budget to ambush shoppers for their groceries. In this round the chefs can see what’s in each shopper’s bag, but they can only make one purchase. In the last round, the final two chefs can explore groceries from as many shoppers as they like, but they can only buy five items total in their bid to find the right ingredients for their dishes and walk away with the grand prize. Viewers can also watch Alex take on some of the toughest carts from prior seasons in Supermarket Stakeout: What Would Alex Make? with new episodes beginning Tuesday, May 31st at 11pm ET/P

The competition consists of three rounds and is adjudicated by a panel of two judges. It takes place in a supermarket parking lot, with separate stations for each chef to prepare and cook food. They are each given $500 at the outset, which they must use to buy groceries from customers as they depart the market. A limited stock of additional ingredients is available for the chefs’ use.

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Is "Supermarket Stakeout" returning for Season 5? When does the next season of Supermarket Stakeout come back on? 🤔 Find out below!

Supermarket Stakeout Season 5 Release Date

Supermarket Stakeout Season 5 is not cancelled or renewed by Food Network yet. We are still waiting for the official show status announcement. This status will be updated once we have more information.
Supermarket Stakeout Season 5 Release Date — Pending (TBA)
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