So Freakin Cheap Season 2

Was So Freakin Cheap cancelled or renewed for season 2? When does it start on TLC? Now that season 1 is over, fans are wondering if the show will continue for another season or not. In this post, we have summarized everything we know so far about the next season.

What Is So Freakin Cheap About?

Meet the four unique families that share one extraordinary ability to turn everything into a deal. Although their methods are quirky and at times comical, it’s not all fun and games for the family and friends of an extreme bargain hunter. Tensions rise and emotions are high when each family is forced to confront their loved ones in the hopes of living a more normal life as they approach major milestones, including planning a wedding, renovating a home, buying a new car and laying down the path for a career in fashion. SO FREAKIN CHEAP premieres on Monday, June 28 at 10PM ET/PT.

The families featured include:

The Tran Family (Orlando, Fla.)

Rosanna and Danny Tran look as if they live the life of luxury in their upscale neighborhood and large, beautiful home, but they still find a way to be self-proclaimed “Crazy Cheap Asians.” The two parents immigrated to the United States in pursuit of their American Dream, built a successful business from the ground up and raised four children, 28-year-old Alex, 26-year-old Elizabeth, 19-year-old Brandon and 13-year-old Charisma. The women of the family have made a tradition of participating in pageants and finding a way to do them on the cheap, but there is trouble brewing in the Tran home when youngest daughter Charisma wants to strike out on her own as a fashion model, instead of being a fashionably frugal pageant queen like her mother and older sister.

The Watson Family (Mesa, Ariz.)

Returning from their debut on the original series EXTREME CHEAPSKATES, self-proclaimed “Princess of Cheap” Shelley and her husband Tracy Watson have done their best to instill in 27-year-old daughter Ashley and 23-year-old daughter Brittney their core values of frugality. Ashley has always been on board with her mother’s ways, whether using their dog’s hair to restuff the pillows, making dinner from the neighbor’s leftover pasta or planning Ashley and Colby’s wedding on a $1,000 budget eight years ago. However, youngest daughter Brittney still struggles to accept the extreme lengths her family will go to save a dollar, which poses a major problem when Shelley delivers stunning news to Brittney: she wants to set the bar even higher – or lower – for Brittney and her fiancé Shane’s upcoming wedding, using a total budget of $750 to cover the cost of the venue, the wedding gown, reception, food and entertainment.

The Guiles Family (Minoa, N.Y.)

Becky and Jay Guiles are raising their two young sons, seven-year-old George and four-year-old Colden, in a house with almost no furniture or real appliances. Since leaving her job to raise their first son and becoming a stay-at-home-mom, Becky has also made it her duty to become “The Most Frugal Mom in America.” She finds creative ways to save money by washing their dishes in the river, hanging old wire hangers from the basement pipes to heat their home and telling her sons that their birthday is on the same day so they only have to throw one party. But, Becky and Jay don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to being cheap. As they embark on a major home renovation project, Becky is determined to keep to her shoestring budget, and Jay has had it with his wife’s over-the-top cheap methods and never-ending DIY projects putting a strain on their relationship and potentially putting their lives at risk.

The Clayton Family (Stonecrest, Ga.)

Tony and Angela Clayton are at odds over Tony’s extreme cheapskate ways. A stay-at-home dad, Tony prides himself on spending next to nothing for cleaning products and household utilities, using such innovative techniques as making his own cleaning solution out of urine, making a DIY bidet to save on toilet paper and running an extension cord to the neighbor’s house to save on electricity bills. While 17-year-old daughter Cierra is stuck in the middle and too embarrassed by her father’s frugal ways to invite her friends over to their home, Angela works hard as the sole breadwinner and would like to spend money on nice and even necessary things, like a new car. But, having put his wife and daughter on a coin allowance after their spending got out of control by his standards, the cost of such a huge expense for Tony creates friction in their relationship and household.

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SO FREAKIN CHEAP is produced by Sharp Entertainment, an Industrial Media company.

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Is "So Freakin Cheap" returning for Season 2? When is the next season of So Freakin Cheap coming out? 🤔 Find out below!

So Freakin Cheap Season 2 Release Date

So Freakin Cheap Season 2 is not cancelled or renewed by TLC yet. We are still waiting for the official show status announcement. This status will be updated once we have more information.
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