Oxygen True Crime, the home of high-quality true-crime programming, examines what happens when the ties that bind become the ties that divide. When does your inner circle become your biggest enemy? Where disagreements around the dinner table can only be solved by violence?

In time for the holidays, Oxygen True Crime presents the new series “Fatal Family Feuds” premiering Saturday, December 2nd at 9 pm ET/PT, “Fatal Family Feuds” dives deep into the investigations of gut-wrenching homicides committed when smoldering feuds between and within families burst into flames. Hearing directly from surviving family members and friends, along with the investigators who worked the cases, the series focuses specifically on motive, tracing the cause, escalation, and ultimate explosive ending of each fatal family feud.

The first two episodes feature families with determined matriarchs. When faced with someone who won’t toe the line, these women will do anything to hold their family together, whatever the cost.

101 – The Tragic Tale of Buzz Clinton – Premiering December 2nd at 9 pm ET/PT

28-year-old Anson “Buzz” Clinton lived on the wild side in his youth, enjoying the nightlife and even dabbling as an exotic dancer. After marrying the love of his life and dedicating himself to raising her daughter as his own, Buzz welcomed the challenge of entering adulthood. But he would never get the chance as one night he is gunned down on a dark desolate road. Buzz’s family tells investigators to look into his in-laws, who never liked him and didn’t believe he was fit to raise their granddaughter. But the in-laws had an alibi.

102 – Murder in the Courthouse – Premiering December 9th at 9 pm ET/PT

When Christine Belford and her friend Beth Mulford are shot and killed in broad daylight in the Wilmington Delaware courthouse, a shocking back story unravels, revealing a feud that includes Christine’s ex-husband David kidnapping their children and moving them to Nicaragua. Even more shocking is when investigators learned David wasn’t working alone.

“Fatal Family Feuds” is executive produced by Kate Beal and Koulla Anastasi of Woodcut Media with Matthew Watts as executive producer and Rob Baniewicz as co-executive producer.

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