Netflix is revealing the main cast of ‘Let’s Get Divorced’, a sitcom that follows the story of a married couple who wants to divorce. This series is co-written by Japan’s top scriptwriters Kankuro Kudo and Shizuka Oishi. The series will be available exclusively on Netflix in 2023.In this comedy-drama, a mediatised married couple who no longer love each other is highly optimistic about getting a divorce. However, external circumstances will get in their way and they will have no other choice but to work hand in hand to reach their ultimate goal: getting a divorce.

As the lead actor, Tori Matsuzaka plays Taishi Shoji, a philandering, and not-always-sharp third-generation politician with a sheltered upbringing. Riisa Naka plays his wife, Yui Kurosawa, known as the number one actress everyone wants to marry.The cast also includes Ryo Nishikido as Kyoji Kano, an attractive self-proclaimed artist, Yuka Itaya as Kaoru Inden, a gifted attorney who relentlessly trains the spineless Taishi, Koji Yamamoto as Go Soda, Taishi’s political opponent, a skilled speaker who is also very good at singing, and Arata Furuta as Henry K. Ishihara, the shady yet skilled attorney of Taishi’s wife. This talented cast of actors put their skills on display as they portray each of these peculiar characters.

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