Netflix announced the new Swedish drama series Barracuda Queens – a girl gang heist series in an upper-class setting inspired by true events. The series will launch globally on Netflix in 2023 and stars Alva Bratt, Tindra Monsen, Sandra Zubovic, Tea Stjärne, Sarah Gustafsson and Izabella Scorupco, among many others.

Inspired by true events, Barracuda Queens follows a group of young women who commit burglaries in an attempt to liberate themselves from the expectations on women – long before feminism became a household idea. The show draws a raw image of a world where some get away with crime, and others do not.

“This is a unique series that I have never been close to creating or writing before. I am so happy to continue collaborating with Frida and Fatima, and that Netflix believed in our idea. Our ambition is to create something fun, challenging and fresh and at the same time tell a story about the times we live in – with five smart upper-class girls from Djursholm who knows no limits as the main characters”, says Camilla Ahlgren, head writer of the show.

Camilla Ahlgren (Quicksand, The Bridge) is the head writer, with Sofie Forsman (Young Royals), Tove Forsman (Young Royals) and Veronica Zacco (Burn All My Letters) as co-writers. The series will be directed by Amanda Adolfsson (Eagles). Barracuda Queens is produced by Frida Asp och Fatima Varhos through their newly formed production company Asp Varhos. Asp and Varhos have previously worked with Netflix on a number of shows, including the critically acclaimed Swedish series Quicksand and Love & Anarchy. Production of Barracuda Queens recently started in Stockholm.

About Barracuda Queens

Logline: Inspired by true events, Barracuda Queens is a girl gang heist series in an upper-class setting. The Barracuda Queens are a group of disaffected teenage girls who, bored of their privileged lives in the affluent Stockholm suburb Djursholm, become involved in an escalating campaign of house burglaries targeting their naive rich neighbors. By day they are high-achieving students and daughters but by night, they are ruthless thieves. And no one will ever suspect them – right?

Cast: Alva Bratt (Lollo Millkvist), Tindra Monsen (Klara Rapp), Sandra Zubovic (Frida Rapp), Tea Stjärne (Mia Thorstensson), Sarah Gustafsson (Amina Khalil), Carsten Björnlund (Lars Millkvist), Izabella Scorupco (Margareta Millkvist)Max Ulveson (Calle Millkvist), Johannes Kuhnke (Claes Rapp), Mirja Turestedt (Viveca Rapp), Michaela Thorsén (Cecilia Thorstensson), Meliz Kargle (Laila Khalil), Gino Estera (Farshid Khalil) among others.

Conceptual idea: Camilla Ahlgren, Frida Asp, Fatima Varhos

Head writer: Camilla Ahlgren

Episodic writers: Sofie Forsman, Tove Forsman, Veronica Zacco

Director: Amanda Adolfsson

Director of Photography: Ragna Jorming

Costume Designer: Madeleine Thor

Production Design: Johanna Comella

Make-up artist: Petra Cabbe

Production company: Asp Varhos

Genre: Drama

Launch Date: 2023 on Netflix

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