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When does "More Power" start on History? Will More Power be a successful show? Who is in the cast? Where to watch trailer & more. In this post, we have summarized everything we know so far about the new History series.

What Is More Power About?

From Tim's home shop, the trio tackles the supercharged history of tools, celebrating the coolest, most powerful, and iconic examples of tools, while showcasing their evolution of power from handheld and basic to the industrial and mighty -- testing the limits in a way that only Tim can. They'll also head out into the field to play with some of the biggest machines that power and serve our everyday lives and meet the men and woman who operate them. Along the way, Tim invites some of the most skilled makers into his shop from across the country, tasking them to create mind-blowing, specifically tailored innovations to fit his needs because there is always room for improvement.

Each week, “More Power” puts its own special twist on the story of how basic tools, from blades and batteries to magnets and lasers, evolved to do the incredible things they do today, while answering burning questions like “How does a magnet light up an entire city?”

Each 30-minute episode will be themed around one tool. In Tim’s workshop and leaning on April’s expertise, viewers will learn how tools work and break down everyday machines and appliances that feature these tools – from garbage disposals and chainsaws to the pneumatic wrenches used to change a tire. With Richard’s help, viewers will learn the history behind the how and why different tools came to be, while showcasing their most inventive, impactful and, in some cases, hysterical modifications. After the shop, the team will head out to the field where the fun really begins as they test drive the big machines from Bobcat bulldozers and excavators to a guillotine shear, celebrating the skilled experts who operate them. Lastly, each week Tim will invite one highly skilled maker into his shop to participate in “Tim’s Maker Challenge,” tasking them to create crazy new builds from an automatic leaf-vacuum-rake that sucks up leaves and puts them directly into the waste bin, to a battery-powered mobile kitchen that solves everyday problems in a spectacular way — even April gets in on the action. For better or worse, a new tool will be built and tested to see if it’s a cut above the rest and embodies the series’ mission of “more power.”

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More Power Season 1 Release Date

More Power Season 1 release date is announced by History.
More Power Season 1 Premiere Date — ✔️ June 29, 2022
Heads Up! There is a newer season of this show. Check out the latest status here
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More Power Season 1 Trailer

History released the official promo/trailer for season 1. Watch it below:

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