1. The Professor

Money Heist would not exist if not for the ever elusive Professor, both for the other robbers as well as for us as an audience. From the very first season, he is enveloped by an air of mystery and we cannot tell what his next step is going to be. His master plan is always a few steps ahead of the police and he manages to make the impossible possible every single time. One of the most interesting tracks in the show is him as a criminal mastermind and on the other hand, him as a devoted lover. This is truly fascinating writing.

2. Tokyo

One of the most fascinating robbers, Tokyo is also the narrator of the show for the most part. With a violent past, she is truly tough to predict. With a razor sharp bent of mind, she is crucial to the heists conducted by the gang. She is also a tough personality, seemingly heartless, but we also see moments of vulnerability, specially around her love interest, Rio. The most striking part about Tokyo is her magnetic presence and her unpredictability.

3. Berlin

For most of the duration of the first two seasons, you absolutely detest Berlin. As leader of the gang, he is mostly met with hatred. Too cunning for his own good, it always seems like Berlin is going to betray the rest of the gang. He is shrewd, emotionless and absolutely ruthless. However, soon enough, you feel a change of heart and while he may be rough around the edges, you realize that Berlin has a heart of gold and is actually always looking out for his team.

4. Inspector Alicia Sierra

She is evil but there are plenty of reasons to love her. Despite being heavily pregnant, Inspector Sierra brings hell to The Professor and his crew. She is the only one in law enforcement who finally manages to outsmart him and make him lose his cool.

5. Nairobi

An expert in minting and forgery, Nairobi was tasked with ensuring the money that was being printed during the Royal Mint heist was of the highest quality. She was a mother and a fairly disciplined character who always did her job well.

6. Arturo

Arturo has threatened to dethrone Tariq from Power as the most annoying character on TV. But it’s the annoying mannerisms that make him such an interesting character. Every minute he appears, you pray that someone punches him in the face.

7. Denver

Denver is introduced into the world of crime by his dad Moscow who has quit the mining industry due to the lack of proper pay. During the heist at the Royal Mint, he ends up falling for one of the hostages called Monica (who also happens to be the mistress of Arturo, the mint’s director). In a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, Monica also falls for him.

8. Inspector Raquel Aka Lisbon

Initially, she is the woman tasked with leading the unit that’s trying to take down The Professor and his crew. However, after several encounters with the genius criminal, she ends up falling in love with him. She later joins the robbers and adopts the name Lisbon.

9. Rio

Rio is brought on due to his hacking skills but the criminal life seems to overwhelm him. He’d rather be playing Mortal Kombat on a computer. But he is very vital to the plot. At some point, he almost surrenders to the police. But he is in love with one of the gang members called Tokyo so he has to stay. It’s also his fault that police get to know the identities of the crew.

10. Helsinki

What makes Helsinki likable is that despite being a big guy with combat experience, he doesn’t come off as too much of a bully compared to someone like Berlin. He gets along with the rest of the crew just fine. He also comes out as gay later on in the series.

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