What would it look like to reimagine the world’s greatest monuments and structures from throughout history? In an all-new season of IF WE BUILT IT TODAY, experts reimagine the world’s most impressive building projects – including the Empire State Building, Hoover Dam and the Statue of Liberty – to reveal what time, manpower and expense it would take to build them in today’s world.

IF WE BUILT IT TODAY premieres tonight, October 13 at 9pm ET/PT on Science Channel.

Around the globe, billions of cameras are watching our every move. From apocalyptic weather occurrences to the seemingly supernatural, cameras have captured phenomena that seem to defy logic. In an all new season of STRANGE EVIDENCE, experts investigate mysteries such as a young girl who claims to be able to weep tears of solid ‘diamond’ like crystals, a bizarre fireball racing along a highway in Florida captured by police helicopter footage, and a man at a tribal ceremony who seems to be captured on camera levitating above the ground.

Strange Evidence

Science Channel // Season: 7
Because surveillance cameras are seemingly everywhere, recording activity on streets, at workplaces, and in homes, is it ...

STRANGE EVIDENCE premieres Thursday, October 14 at 9pm ET/PT on Science Channel.