Gyeongseong Creature Season 2

Was Gyeongseong Creature cancelled or renewed for season 2? When does it start on Netflix? Now that season 1 is over, fans are wondering if the show will continue for another season or not. In this post, we have summarized everything we know so far about the next season.

What Is Gyeongseong Creature About?

In the city of Gyeongseong in 1945, a group of young people thinking only of their own survival encounter a monster born of human greed and ask themselves what humanity is.

Netflix is set to bring Gyeongseong Creature to viewers around the globe. The thriller series follows individuals going up against monstrous creatures that were born out of human greed. Set in the spring of 1945, in the city of Gyeongseong, the series is highly anticipated due to the sheer amount of talent tied to it.

International heartthrob Park Seo-jun who received acclaim for his roles in the dramas Itaewon Class and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, plays Jang Tae-sang – the head of merchant marketplace Golden Jade House who is the wealthiest, most well-connected person in Gyeongseong. Tae-sang is someone who puts money before justice, but all that changes when he crosses paths with Yun Chae-ok while investigating a series of missing person cases.

Han So-hee who rose to stardom from the Netflix Series My Name, The World of the Married and Nevertheless, plays Yun Chae-ok – a famous bounty hunter who can track down missing people, even ones who are dead. Chae-ok possesses a sharp eye and agile survival skills learned from her rough childhood roaming across Manchuria and Shanghai with her father.

The solid cast also includes Claudia Kim and Wi Ha-jun who have both received international spotlight for their roles. Claudia Kim plays Maeda who is the wife of a powerful official in Gyeongseong during the colonial period. The actress has been active on the global stage through the films Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and the Netflix Series Marco Polo.

Wi Ha-jun, who made a lasting impression on worldwide audiences with his role in Squid Game and is currently winning over viewers in Little Women, plays Gwon Jun-taek, Tae-sang’s best friend. He joins Tae-sang’s dangerous plan in rescuing the people who have gone missing.

Behind the scenes of this stellar cast lineup is a talented production team consisting of heavyweight hitmakers. The team is led by screenwriter Kang Eun K, who penned dramas across various genres such as Dr. Romantic and Kang Chi, the Beginning, and director Chung Dong-yoon, who flexed his powerful muscle as a creator in Stove League.

Gyeongseong Creature, a compelling story about wretched creatures and those who go up against them, will be released globally only on Netflix.

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Is "Gyeongseong Creature" returning for Season 2? When does the next season of Gyeongseong Creature come back on? 🤔 Find out below!

Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 Release Date

Gyeongseong Creature is renewed for season 2. However, the official release date is not announced by Netflix yet. We are going to update this post once we have an official release date.
Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 Release Date — Netflix renewed the series for a second season
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Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 Trailer

Right now, we don't have an official season 2 trailer. We are still waiting for the announcement from Netflix. Here is the latest promo/trailer shared on press releases & social accounts so far:

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