Suspense and mystery set the tone in the first images from the third and final season of Good Morning, Verônica, released Wednesday, January 10. Titled Good Morning, Verônica: The Final Hunt, the finale promises to immerse viewers in a world of intense emotions, with the premiere confirmed for February 14 on Netflix.

The photos provide a first glimpse of the already familiar characters of Tainá Muller, Klara Castanho and Reynaldo Gianecchini, and also introduce some new faces to the story: the seductive Jerônimo, played by Rodrigo Santoro, and Maitê Proença in the role of the elegant and mysterious Diana. The new images capture the essence of the series’ protagonists, showing the possible paths the plot will take and the dark menace that lies ahead.

The third season of Good Morning, Verônica will be the last in the saga with three episodes that bring to a close the story that has won over fans in Brazil and around the world. The series was created by Raphael Montes, and is based on the book he wrote with Ilana Casoy. Zola Filmes’ José Henrique Fonseca directs.

Credit: Alisson Louback / Netflix


About Good Morning, Verônica: The Final Hunt:

Who is Doúm? This is the question that drives the third and final season of Good Morning, Verônica. In her search for the third brother, Verônica investigates the orphanage where Brandão and Matias grew up. In a small town, she meets Jeronimo, a millionaire stud farmer, and his mother, Diana, a beautiful and mysterious woman who is concealing secrets about the place’s macabre past. However, when a mafioso puts Verô’s family in danger, she finds herself in a race against time. With no way out, she risks everything in a dangerous game of cat and mouse that puts her life on the line.

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