Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Ana Garcia, Joins Lifetime’s “Beyond the Headlines” Series Premiering August 5

Docuseries Revisits Crime Stories That Shocked the Nation

Lifetime satiates America’s fascination with true crime with the docuseries Beyond the Headlines, offering a deeper exploration of shocking stories that riveted the country, with acclaimed journalist Ana Garcia as the host. Six new one-hour episodes will air Saturdays at 11am ET/PT, starting August 5th.

Beyond the Headlines centers on various cases of shattered families torn apart by crime, survival stories of abduction, toxic love triangles, cases of brainwashing, fights to protect endangered children, and crimes committed by parents. Through powerful storytelling incorporating first-person interviews, expert analysis, and special footage, Beyond the Headlines draws inspiration from past Lifetime movies and provides a deeper understanding of the events and emotional human stories that captured public attention.

The upcoming Beyond the Headlines episode descriptions are as follows:

Beyond the Headlines: Shattered Families

Premieres Saturday, August 5 at 11am ET/PT

This heart-wrenching episode tells the stories of families torn apart by crime. Viewers will hear the accounts of individuals like Ashley Wallace, who survived an attempt on her life by her own mother Stacey Castor; and Jenny Carrieri, whose relentless pursuit of her sister’s killer consumed her life.

Beyond the Headlines: Surviving Abduction

Premieres Saturday, August 12 at 11am ET/PT

Five brave women share their harrowing experiences of abduction and imprisonment, shedding light on the aftermath and their healing journeys. This episode includes the accounts of Abby Hernandez and Mary Stauffer, each with their own heartbreaking stories of survival.

Beyond the Headlines: Toxic Love

Premieres Saturday, August 19 at 11am ET/PT

This episode explores the dark side of love triangles, featuring wives who strayed from their husbands with devastating consequences, a case of deadly online catfishing, and a lonely young woman who had an affair with a killer. The episode will focus on four spousal murders that were the subject of previous Lifetime movies, including Cari Farver, Toby Young, and Erin Corwin.

Beyond the Headlines: Dark Influences

Premieres Saturday, August 26 at 11am ET/PT

Uncovering shocking firsthand accounts of people who were manipulated, abused, and ultimately found the strength to break free. This episode will feature former members of the late Gwen Shamblin’s controversial Remnant Fellowship Church; a survivor of conversion therapy; a victim of sex trafficking; and three women who were sent to abusive reform camps for troubled teens by their parents.

Beyond the Headlines: Fighting for the Kids

Premieres Saturday, September 2 at 11am ET/PT

Highlighting chilling accounts of children in danger and the heroic individuals who fought to protect them. The episode covers stories of unimaginable horrors, including the murder of six girls in their neighborhoods; a teenager betrayed and left for dead; two little girls taken out of the United States by their abusive father; and a young boy tortured by his own parents. The episode features interviews with Lizbeth Meredith, whose daughters were stolen; as well as the investigators in the case of Ashley Reeves, who was left for dead after a brutal attack.

Beyond the Headlines: Parents Gone Bad

Premieres Saturday, September 9 at 11am ET/PT

Exploring the stories of mothers and fathers who committed crimes driven by malice, extremism, and desperation. This episode includes the notorious Lori Vallow case, involving the deaths of children aged 16 and 9, as well as the Joel Steinberg and the Martin McNeil cases.

Beyond the Headlines is produced by A+E Networks for Lifetime. It is executive produced by Ted Butler and directed by Eryana Hundhausen. Amy Winter executive produces for Lifetime.

In addition to the Beyond the Headlines series, Lifetime will air a standalone documentary special titled Beyond the Headlines: The Elizabeth Thomas Story with Elizabeth Smart. This special will follow the premiere of the original movie Abducted by My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story on Saturday, August 12 at 8pm ET/PT.


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