Airing Wednesday, November 24 at 9PM ET/PT on Science Channel

With big engineering, the devil is in the details. Every day, engineers are faced with a harsh reality – catastrophes can strike anywhere, anytime. In ENGINEERING CATASTROPHES, experts investigate the most extraordinary – sometimes deadly – engineering disasters around the globe, ranging from bridge collapses to explosions to sinkholes and beyond. This season in Texas, a mammoth refinery explodes with fatal consequences. In Italy, tragedy unfolds as a landmark bridge is destroyed in seconds, and in Arizona, a railroad inferno takes down a vital river crossing. With extraordinary access to eyewitnesses, architectural experts and structural design teams, ENGINEERING CATASTROPHES analyzes how significant errors went undiscovered in these builds and more, and how engineers are working to ensure the safety of our future structures.

Engineering Catastrophes

Science Channel // Season: 6
Engineers are faced with a harsh reality - catastrophes can strike anywhere, anytime. In this season of ENGINEERING ...


Airing Friday, November 26 at 8 PM ET/PT on Science Channel

Each year, civilians from across the country and around the world set out on their own backyard space race – using nothing but grit, determination, and self-taught skills to create their own home-built rockets and spacesuits. HOMEMADE ASTRONAUTS follows the journey of three groups of dreamers who pave their own paths, each with a different approach to space travel. The four-episode series, filmed over the course of two and a half years, documents the rarely seen world of home-made space travelers and the extreme lengths these teams take to reach their goals.

Homemade Astronauts

Discovery+ // Season: 2
Although we've been living in the space age for over half a century, very few people have experienced space for ...