This October, Discovery Channel Debuts New Installations of “Ghost Adventures” and “Street Outlaws,” And All-New Seasons of “BattleBots,” “Bering Sea Gold,” “Naked and Afraid,” “Contraband: Seized at the Border,” “Mysteries of the Abandoned,” Alongside Animal Planet’s New Season of “Pets & Pickers”

See below for the full schedule.

Week of October 1, 2023

Wednesday, October 4

• “Ghost Adventures: Devil Island” Debuts on Discovery Channel – 9pm ET/PT

• Chaos follows Zak Bagans and the crew as they cross the San Francisco Bay to investigate the deceptively named Angel Island. Once home to an immigration station with a notorious history of torture and despair, the guys face residual anger and ecstasy emanating from a demonic darkness.

Thursday, October 5

• “BattleBots” Debuts on Discovery Channel – 8pm ET/PT

• In this war of BattleBots Champions, every fight is win or go home — and the streets of Vegas are paved with the Golden Bolt.

Friday, October 6

• “Bering Sea Gold” Debuts on Discovery Channel – 9pm ET/PT

• Unrelenting in their pursuit of gold, the miners boost their operations with new tech and unconventional, never-before-seen dredges as the new Industrial Revolution dawns in Nome. However, the record-breaking storm of the century may leave Nome forever changed.

Week of October 8, 2023

Tuesday, October 10

• “Street Outlaws vs the World” Series Premiere Debuts on Discovery Channel – 8pm ET/PT

• The quickest and most polarizing Street Outlaws (with Boosted GT as captain) travel abroad to represent their country as Team USA and take on stiff, well-known international competition from Australia to prove that they are, in fact, the “world’s fastest drivers.”

• “Farmtruck and AZN Down Under” Series Premiere Debuts on Discovery Channel – 10pm ET/PT

• What would a trip to Australia be like without the antics and fishin’ of Farmtruck and AZN? It would be a lot less fun, that’s what. Farmtruck and AZN head to the land down under as well and find their own races and fun antics in a complete fish out of water racing series.

Wednesday, October 11

• “Ghost Adventures” Debuts on Discovery Channel – 9pm ET/PT

• Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley explore new haunted locations and uncover bone-chilling evidence of supernatural forces. During the dusk-to-dawn lockdown, the crew documents key evidence to uncover the truth behind paranormal activity.

Saturday, October 14

• “Pets & Pickers” Debuts on Animal Planet – 9pm ET/PT

• Motivated by the extraordinary compassion and belief that all animals deserve treatment, the vet and thrift store team of the Regional Animal Protection Society work tirelessly to offer low-income pet families access to life-saving healthcare.

Week of October 15, 2023

Sunday, October 15

• “Naked and Afraid” Debuts on Discovery Channel – 8pm ET/PT

• From untamed, rain-sodden jungles to dry grasslands dense with wildlife, superfans and survival experts alike will have the chance to prove themselves in the most extreme situations. Pushed beyond their limits with no food, no water, and no clothes, these competitors dare to journey into the wild and persevere despite the odds.

Monday, October 16

• “Contraband: Seized at the Border” Debuts on Discovery Channel – 9pm ET/PT

• The border between the United States and Mexico is the busiest in the world. This series follows the work of America’s Customs and Border Protection agency whose job is to protect the border and stop terrorists, human traffickers, drugs and illegal weapons from entering the country.

Tuesday, October 17

• “Street Outlaws vs the World: After Hours” Debuts on Discovery Channel – 10pm ET/PT

• Street Outlaws vs. The World, After Hours gives viewers a chance to experience the moments between the racing. From traveling city to city to exploring new sights, and from unpacking containers to working on their cars, this show provides a behind the scenes look at what it was like for the Outlaws to travel in Australia.

Wednesday, October 18

• “Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room” Debuts on Discovery Channel – 11pm ET/PT

• In this series Zak Bagans and his fellow paranormal investigators Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley watch back some of their favorite episodes from past seasons, commenting on the scariest, funniest and most exciting moments from those episodes.

Thursday, October 19

• “Mysteries of the Abandoned” Debuts on Discovery Channel – 11pm ET/PT

• The world’s most incredible engineering projects are revisited to uncover why places full of mysteries and untold secrets are now abandoned ruins.