YouTube Originals today announced the premiere date, trailer, and details for the second season of the Daytime Emmy-winning series, “Could You Survive The Movies?” hosted by YouTube Creator Jake Roper and produced by AMPLE Entertainment. The learning series dedicated to exploring the magic and science of cinema’s most iconic pop culture films will premiere episodes for free weekly beginning July 1 on the Vsauce3 YouTube channel. YouTube Premium subscribers will have access to the entire six-episode season on July 1, as well as bonus footage from the season opening Top Gun episode featuring a 360-VR perspective throughout Jake Roper’s flight with the Blue Angels.

Season two of “Could You Survive The Movies?” once again features Jake Roper of the VSauce3 channel (3.96M Subscribers) as he tackles the science behind iconic motion pictures such as the magic of “Harry Potter,” the g-force jet aerobatics in “Top Gun,” the carnivorous dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park,” the power of water in “Titanic,” the science of sound and acoustics behind “A Quiet Place,” and more. Across the six episode series, Jake and his team of EduTubers will dive into these worlds through immersive recreations that blend unscripted scientific exploration with narrative storytelling. Each mind-blowing experiment transports viewers and investigates the science of their favorite films, all while attempting to answer the important question: could you survive the movies?

The full line-up of season two episodes include:

· Could You Survive TOP GUN? – Premieres July 1

Cocky Science Aviator Jake Roper feels the need for speed and will be pushed to the limit while investigating what happens to the human body when subjected to extreme G-forces, intense acrobatic maneuvers, and breaking the sound barrier. Special appearances include Jay Ellis (Top Gun: Maverick), Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski, as well as creators Michael Stevens of Vsauce (17M subscribers), AtomicMari (306K subscribers) and iDubbbz (7.8M subscribers).

Could You Survive the Movies?

Youtube Premium // Season: 2
Jake Roper explores the magic and science of cinema, combing unscripted scientific experiments with narrative ...

· Could You Survive JURASSIC PARK? – Premieres July 8

With the prehistoric beasts running rampant, ruining Jake’s vacation at Jurassic Park, the race is on to get to the last boat off the island…and see if you could survive the awesome power of a T-Rex bite, being hunted by pterosaurs and conversely, could dinosaurs actually survive in our world? Creators iJustine (6.89M subscribers), Harris Heller (572K subscribers) and Emily Graslie (585K subscribers) also make a guest appearance.

· Could You Survive A QUIET PLACE? – Premieres July 15

Years after an alien invasion, Jake quietly avoids the sound sensitive alien race that is hunting him. Although every sound *could* spell disaster, it provides the perfect opportunity to explore what is sound, what it means to hear and if we can actually weaponize sound to explode some heads? Special appearances by creators Rikki Poynter and 12Tone (429K subscribers).

· Could You Survive HARRY POTTER? – Premieres July 22

Enlisting the help of his wizard friends, Jake must regain some semblance of what he lost using science to create an invisibility cloak via radiant energy, overcome the forces of gravity to fly with magnetic energy, and create a wand through electrical energy before confronting the Dark Wizard. Special appearances by creators Casey Neistat (12.3M subscribers), Derek Muller of Veritasium (9M subscribers), MatPat of TheGameTheorists (14.2M subscribers), JacksFilms (4.65M subscribers), Jabrils (459K subscribers), Allison Raskin (678K subscribers) and William Osman (2.35M subscribers).

· Could You Survive A ZOMBIE MOVIE? – Premieres July 29

Jake finds himself in a mall in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Which turns out to be a great place to learn about viruses – what are they, how do they affect you, how do you stop them…and can they give you zombie super strength? Special appearance by Girlfriend Reviews (1.23M subscribers).

· Could You Survive TITANIC? – Premieres August 5

Luck has clearly run out for Jake as he races to find a way off the sinking Titanic, while exploring buoyancy and finding out if you could survive jumping off a ship’s deck into the ocean, and the crushing power of hypothermia. Special appearances by creators Mamrie Hart (1M subscribers) and Austin Evans (5M subscribers).

In addition to the weekly premiere of new episodes, fans of “Could You Survive The Movies?” will also have access to bonus content from each episode, including a sit-down interview with Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski where he and Jake discuss the majesty of fighter jets and some of the incredible technology employed in Top Gun: Maverick, premiering in theaters November 19, 2021. Additional bonus content will include a background featurette on the many talented YouTube creators and makers behind the series as well as the more behind-the-scenes background on the incredible scientific cameras utilized throughout “Could You Survive The Movies?” to capture some of the series’ most remarkable footage. Fans will also have access to never-before-seen bloopers and Jake’s childhood attempt at making his own Jurassic Park, all available for free on Vsauce3 YouTube channel.

In season one of the hit series, Roper explored classic movies like “Back to the Future,” “Men in Black,” “Ghostbusters,” “Alien,” “Jumanji,” and “Die Hard.”

“Could You Survive The Movies?” is produced by AMPLE Entertainment with Ari Mark, Phil Lott, Jake Roper and David Brown as Executive Producers. Susanne Daniels is Global Head of Original Content for YouTube. Nadine Zylstra is Head of Family, Learning and Impact for YouTube Originals, and Zoe Di Stefano oversees the project as the Development Executive for YouTube Originals.

“Could You Survive The Movies?” is part of a growing slate of learning projects including the upcoming new slate of sustainability-focused programming: “Seat at the Table,” with David Attenborough and creator Jack Harries, “Stay Wild” (working title) from Brave Wilderness in partnership with Appian Way and Madica Productions, “Shut It Off ASAP” (working title) from AsapSCIENCE and B17 Entertainment. Additional learning YouTube Originals include Emmy Award-winning mini-series “Create Together,” a Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosted series featuring the creations of everyday people collaborating to make art; Emmy-nominated “Glad You Asked” that explores topics driven by our curiosity about the world around us; “Retro Tech” the Emmy-nominated series that explores the technological promises of the past; “Defying Gravity: The Untold Story of Women’s Gymnastics,” the six-part, PGA Award winning documentary series exploring what it takes to be an Elite gymnast that was also nominated for a Sports Emmy and is currently nominated for a Critics Choice Real TV Award, and “Creators for Change on Girl’s Education with Michelle Obama,” which was recently named a Gracie Award Honoree.

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Founded by Ari Mark and Phil Lott, AMPLE Entertainment is a production company dedicated to hands-on, filmmaker led premium content. Since launching five years ago, the company has produced multiples series, specials and documentaries including 9 Months with Courteney Cox (Facebook), Kangaroos: The Story of Mala (Netflix), Could You Survive The Movies? (YouTube Originals), Murder in the Heartland (Discovery+), Life Under Renovation (Discovery+), The Fog of Murder (ID), Lost Gold of World War II (History), The Lost Women of NXIVM (Investigation Discovery), Cold Case Files (A&E, Netflix) among many more. Most recently, Ample earned an unannounced series with Adam McKay, produced an unannounced HBO series and secured a partnership with Samuel L. Jackson for an unannounced film. Last year, the company won an Emmy Award for the hit YouTube series Could You Survive the Movies? and launched Ample Nature, the first dedicated Los Angeles-based natural-history unit, headed by Australian natural-history producer Kylie Stott.