Brendar The Barbarian Series Premiere

When does "Brendar The Barbarian" start on Nickelodeon? Will Brendar The Barbarian be a successful show? Who is in the cast? Where to watch trailer & more. In this post, we have summarized everything we know so far about the new Nickelodeon series.

What Is Brendar The Barbarian About?

The Barbarian and the Troll (formerly titled Brendar the Barbarian) is an American puppet comedy television series created by Mike Mitchell and Drew Massey. Spencer Grammer as the voice of Brendar, a barbarian warrior on a quest to slay the demon that killed her mother and spirited away her younger brother. Drew Massey as Evan, a troll prince who joins Brendar's questing party to follow his dream and become a bard.

Follows Evan, a bridge troll in search of adventure and Brendar, a fierce female warrior, on a quest to defeat the evil demon who has imprisoned her brother.

In the land of Gothmoria, Brendar is a fierce warrior princess on a quest to avenge an attack on her family. She finds adventure when she meets Evan, a spirited bridge troll in search of excitement and a place to perform his songs. They team up to save their kingdom and make both their dreams come true. Brendar and Evan are soon joined in their quest by Horus the wizard, his daughter Stacey who has been turned into an owl, and Horus’ enchanted Axe.

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The last episode of the series was released on June 25, 2021 in the US.

Brendar The Barbarian Season 1 Release Date

Brendar The Barbarian was ordered to series, and it is expected to premiere on Nickelodeon soon. We are still waiting for the official show release date announcement. This date box will be updated once we have more information.
Brendar The Barbarian Season 1 Release Date — Pending (TBA)
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Brendar The Barbarian Season 1 Trailer

Right now, we don't have an official season 1 trailer. We are still waiting for the announcement from Nickelodeon. Here is the latest promo/trailer shared on press releases & social accounts so far:

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