“Blue Eye Samurai” is a captivating new animated series on Netflix that takes viewers back to Japan’s Edo period. The story revolves around Mizu, a mixed-race samurai who is on a vengeful quest intertwined with themes of identity and justice.

Blue Eye Samurai Season 1 Trailer

The series has garnered much anticipation, not only for its intriguing premise but also for its primarily Asian voice cast, which adds layers of authenticity to the storytelling. As the characters navigate a world rich in historical detail and cultural depth, viewers can expect a blend of intense action and emotional storytelling.

This anticipation is bolstered by the involvement of voice actors like Maya Erskine, Masi Oka, Darren Barnet, and Brenda Song, who bring a wealth of experience from both live-action and animated domains to their roles. The show promises to be a standout addition to Netflix’s animated offerings, creating a buzz for its originality and the depth of its character portrayals.


Blue Eye Samurai Cast & Characters

“Blue Eye Samurai” features a dynamic cast that vividly brings the animated series to life. Here’s a look at the main cast and their characters:

Maya Erskine voices the protagonist, Mizu, who embarks on a quest for revenge. Mizu is portrayed as strong-willed and intelligent, often disguising herself as a man to achieve her goals. Erskine’s biracial heritage brings depth to the role of the mixed-race samurai.

Masi Oka voices Ringo, a loyal soba maker with aspirations of becoming a samurai, despite being born with no hands. Oka’s portrayal of Ringo makes him an endearing character that audiences can root for.

Darren Barnet voices Taigen, a once-unbeatable swordsman whose reputation takes a hit when Mizu bests him. His character forms a complicated yet respectful relationship with Mizu.

Brenda Song plays Princess Akemi, a sheltered royal who seeks freedom and finds inspiration in Mizu’s journey. Song brings her experience from both comedic and dramatic roles to the character of Akemi.

This talented voice cast imbues the characters with authenticity, making “Blue Eye Samurai” a compelling series.


Is Blue Eye Samurai Based on Manga or Anime?

Despite its similar features to classic anime narratives, such as a setting in Japan’s Edo period and a storyline centered around a swordmaster on a quest for vengeance, “Blue Eye Samurai” is not adapted from any anime or manga. It is an original creation by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi and is part of Netflix’s adult animated action streaming television lineup, bringing a fresh storyline to the genre.


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