Baki Hanma Series Premiere

When does "Baki Hanma" start on Netflix? Will Baki Hanma be a successful show? Who is in the cast? Where to watch trailer & more. In this post, we have summarized everything we know so far about the new Netflix series.

What Is Baki Hanma About?

The protagonist, Baki Hanma, trains with an intense focus to become strong enough to surpass his father, Yujiro Hanma, the strongest fighter in the world. Baki enters Arizona State Prison to take on the notorious inmate known as Mr. Unchained. Five of the world’s most violent and brutal death row inmates are gathering to face Baki. Their objective is to taste defeat — their unmatched strength and skill have led them to grow bored of life itself, and they now seek out Baki in the hopes that he can overwhelm and utterly crush them. In this crisis, other underground martial art warriors gather to fight by Baki’s side: Kaoru Hanayama, Gouki Shibukawa, Retsu Kaioh, and Doppo Orochi.

A sequel to the 2018-20 epic series Baki, “Baki Hanma” premieres September 30, only on Netflix

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Baki Hanma Season 1 Release Date

Baki Hanma Season 1 release date is announced by Netflix.
Baki Hanma Season 1 Premiere Date โ€” โœ”๏ธ September 30, 2021
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Baki Hanma Season 1 Trailer

Netflix released the official promo/trailer for season 1.

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