The History reality show Alone is a long-running series that made its first appearance in 2015. In this show, ten individuals have to survive on their own in an uninhabited land with minimum equipment. They have to struggles as long as possible except in case of a medical emergency or if they give up. The one who stays the longest wins the competition. Currently, Alone series has completed seven seasons. In last season, the prize for the survival of the fittest was one million dollars. The show is quite popular and the fans await for a season 8. Alone season 8 is sure to become a success.

When Will Alone Season 8 Start?

Alone Season 7 with 11 episodes aired from June 11, 2020, to August 20, 2020. Each episode with a duration of 60 to 90 minutes aired in season 7. Regarding the 8th season there is no official announcement yet but work on the season already began, because the casting call page of the series is open. As per reports, the eighth season could be released in June 2021.


History // Season: 8
ALONE is the most intense survival series on television. This season’s participants will face the biggest twist in ...

Who Are Alone Season 8 Contestants?

The contestants in every season are competing to survive under extremely harsh conditions without much equipment, in the wilderness. The one who shows courage and survives until the end will be the winner of Alone season 8 and he will be rewarded a huge amount of cash. Season 7 was set off in Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Where we have seen ten contestants Roland Welker, Callie Russell, Kielyn Marrone, Amos Rodriguez, Mark DAmbrosio, Joe Nicholas, Joel Van Der Loon, Keith Syers, Correy Hawk, and Shawn Helton.

Roland Welker won the competition after surviving 100 days in the wilderness and was awarded one million dollars in cash. We have seen 10 contestants in each season except season 4. We can expect to see 10 contestants in season 8. We will see new crewmembers in the next season and one of the fittest will be the winner of season 8.

Alone Season 8 Scenario

Imagine if someone put you in a test where you are left alone in a forest without food and shelter, will you be able to survive? If you want to see someone who is in a similar situation then Alone is the best series for you to watch and enjoy. Alone season 8 will also be all about survival where the contestants will be competing to survive in unfavorable conditions to win a grand cash prize.

The contestants are allowed to quit in a medical emergency or for any other reason. The fifth season of Alone was set in Khonin Nuga of northern Mongolia one of the uninhabited places. The next season will set off in a new location. The winner prize is yet to be announced, as the prize of last season was one million dollars. The prize for the upcoming season might be more than that. Fans are excited to see new contestants in a completely new location surviving in the wilderness.