Your Honor, Showtime original series is starring Bryan Lee Cranston who is known for his amazing performance in Breaking Bad. It’s a story of a judge facing his deepest convictions when his son is involved in a hit and run. The story revolves around the fact, how far a father is willing to go to save his son’s life. Facing an organized crime family Bryan Cranston playing Michael Desiato must make many tough decisions as his son’s life hangs in the balance.

Your Honor aired on December 6th, 2020, and became an instant success. Series was advertised as a limited series by Showtime which means it was created with a profound beginning, middle, and an end. The question that arises is that will the story continue? Will there be a season 2?

There hasn’t been any official announcement yet for any kind of release of a season 2 but fans all around the world are very eager to see it happen but we can not certainly count on it because many limited series never get a surprising season 2 but there is always a possibility.

*** Spoilers Ahead: If you haven’t seen the first season ***

Your Honor Season 2 Expectations

If we talk about season 2 and how the story might develop going forward, surely, the Desiatos would not get through the situation unharmed, even though Michael has done everything to protect his son Adam but looks like it is not enough. Kofi loses his life and jimmy considers Michael responsible for his sons’ death. Adam’s secret is no longer safe because Frannie and Charlie now know that Adam killed Rocco in the accident. Nancy and Lee also figure out that Michael has been lying all along and Adam’s invitation to the Baxter Family celebration is too risky. Eugene shoots are Carlo to avenge his brother’s murder but accidentally hits Adam who bleeds to death in Michael’s arms.

It’s really hard to predict what the future holds for Michael as his son is now dead and everything, he did to prevent that from happening was in vain. He knows that he has walked too far down a road he should have never even taken in the first place. Jimmy and Michael have both lost teenage sons and it is safe to say that Michael is never going to be the same. Season 2 might show us an even darker side of Michael because his worst fears have come true and it is safe to say He won’t be the same idealistic person we say at the start of season 1 of Your Honor.

Your Honor Season 2 Cast

Some of the cast members that we can expect to see in season 2 of Your Honor include:

Bryan Cranston

As the story revolves around the main character Michael Desiato, he is surely going to be in season 2. Michael Desiato is played by Bryan Cranston who is an Academy Award nominee and winner of the Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG, Tony, and Oliver award. Bryan is best known for his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad and as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. He has a production company named Moonshot Entertainment and is also a New York Times best-selling author of A Life in Parts. Bryan was most recently seen in El CAMINO: A Breaking Bad Movie and The One And Only IVAN.

Michael Stuhlbarg

If there is a season 2 the character Jimmy Baxter is surely going to be in the cast. Jimmy is played by Michael Stuhlbarg who was nominated for a Golden Globe for best actor in a motion picture for his role in A Serious Man. Stuhlbarg was a Tony Award nominee and a Drama Desk Award winner for his role in The Pillowman.

Hope Davis

We can expect to see Gina Baxter the wife of jimmy Baxter in season 2. The role is played by Hope Davis who is an experienced theater, television, and film artist. Davis recently starred in For The People. Her work on In Treatment was awarded an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award. Davis was nominated for the best actress in the support role in the Golden Globe awards for the performance in the Oscar-nominated American Splendor.

Carmen Ejogo

The lawyer Lee Delemere who Michael convinced to take the case of Kofi who is charged for murder which was committed by Adam is played by Carmen Ejogo. Carmen Ejogo is well known for her role in the Oscar-nominated film Selma for which she won the NAACP award for best supporting actress. Ejogo has played all kinds of challenging roles and was recently seen on the limited series Self Made: Inspired By The Life of Madam C. J. Walker opposite Octavia Spencer and Tiffany Haddish. Ejogo recently starred in the feature film Rattlesnake.

There is no doubt that Your Honor is a huge success and there are a lot of fans around the world who are waiting for and wishing for a season 2. As the last episode of Your honor aired on  February 14, 2021; fans all over Twitter started tweeting for a season 2. Even though it is highly unlikely that there is going to be a season 2 for Your Honor because the series was billed as a limited series. There is always hope that the story might be extended, and the viewers might get a chance to see their favorite Bryan Cranston back on screen as Michael Desiato. There is no release date or any official information about a season 2 for Your honor but users are optimistic about the show continuing because the original Israeli series ‘Kvodo’ on which Your Honor is based was renewed for a second season after the success of the first in 2019.

It doesn’t seem like Showtime is in any rush. Like other premium cable networks, it will surely take its time. Till then we need to hold tight and hope for the best.

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