Curse of the Chippendales Series Premiere

When does "Curse of the Chippendales" start on Discovery+? Will Curse of the Chippendales be a successful show? Who is in the cast? Where to watch trailer & more. In this post, we have summarized everything we know so far about the new Discovery+ series.

What Is Curse of the Chippendales About?

The muscular male dancers of the Chippendales captured the hearts and dollars of the 1980s. But even as crowds swelled, the beefcakes and businessmen behind the phenomenon plunged into lives of drugs, paranoia, and murder.

Chippendales. One word evokes images of male beauty, female empowerment, and a cultural juggernaut that swept the globe during the 1980s and 1990s. But, behind the famous cuffs and collars is a story of greed, jealousy and murder-for-hire resulting in one of the most outrageous crimes in American history. Now, for the first time ever, hear from the former dancers, the women who worshipped them, the original business and creative leads of Chippendales, and the law enforcement officers who worked the case for years. With never-before-seen archival footage and photos, along with a nostalgia-filled soundtrack, this four-part series bares the hard truth behind the Chippendales crime saga leaving nothing to the imagination. CURSE OF THE CHIPPENDALES, created by the Academy Award-winning and Emmy Award-winning Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn of Lightbox, begins streaming only on discovery+ September 24th.

“The Chippendales brand was a cultural touchstone – forever recognized, often emulated, and famously parodied,” said Lisa Holme, Group SVP Content and Commercial Strategy, Discovery, Inc. “People expected tall tales of hot bodies from all corners of the world, not the true story of an FBI manhunt to catch a fugitive halfway around the globe.”

When founder Steve Banerjee, an immigrant from India, began the all-male dance revue as a stunt to keep the doors of his struggling Los Angeles bar open in 1979, word spread like wildfire and women lined the streets, hungry to see what carnal delights could be found inside. Chippendales became an instant hit. Men auditioned by the dozens with the promise of wild nights and full pockets if they were chosen to wear the coveted Chippendales cuffs and bowtie uniform.

In front of the curtain, Chippendales was a nightclub designed to delight and entice women with the promise of fantasy and seduction under the guise of a male exotic dance show. It provided a place for women to experience the freedoms, previously only enjoyed by men; a place for them to be in control and feel sexually liberated in a safe space. But, behind the curtain lay a dirty secret, one that tormented the business from its humble beginnings as a single nightclub in California to a touring franchise that became a global phenomenon. From arson scares to the love-gone-wrong deaths of its original members, the Chippendales business was as plagued as it was plentiful.

As the empire grew, Nick DeNoia joined the team as a choreographer and took the show in an entirely new direction, expanding it to New York and eventually around the globe. Worldwide press attention, endorsement deals and the pressures of becoming too big too fast became a recipe for disaster as internal rivalries grew between key figures in the organization. But no one expected what would happen next, the sudden assassination of one of their own and a manhunt across two continents. Finally, the dirty secrets behind this iconic brand were undressed after so many years.

Curse of the Chippendales provides exclusive access to a cast of characters, some of whom are telling their story, in its entirety, for the first time. Interviews include: Michael Rapp, Read Scot, Dan Peterson and other original line-up members; the club’s lawyer Bruce Nahin; Nick DeNoia’s friend and associate producer Candace Mayeron; creative director Eric Gilbert; and retired FBI Special Agent Scott Garriola; along with other key investigators.

CURSE OF THE CHIPPENDALES is produced for discovery+ by Lightbox. It is directed by Jesse Vile, produced by Suzette Styler and the Executive Producers are Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn and Suzanne Lavery. Jeanie Vink is VP Executive Producer for discovery+.

Endeavor Content is distributing the series internationally.

Curse of the Chippendales Season 1 Release Date

Curse of the Chippendales Season 1 release date is announced by Discovery+.
Curse of the Chippendales Season 1 Premiere Date โ€” โœ”๏ธ September 24, 2021
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Curse of the Chippendales Season 1 Trailer

Discovery+ released the official promo/trailer for season 1.

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